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HOW TO: Elegant Fishtail Braided Bridal, Formal Up-style

Posted on 17 April, 2012 by pain


Being a Makeup artist and Hair stylist here in Sydney i see alot of women wanting the same hair styles and makeup styles alot! But don’t get me wrong i certainly didn’t have an experimental personality before gaining experience in the beauty industry. Whilst i do love re-creating past bridal and formal looks in my portfolio, i do like venturing out and trying makeup and hair styles that are a little different than what i do normally get to do. One thing im sure alot of you can appreciate is that the beauty, bridal hair and makeup industry along with alot of other professions is ” Time Management ” So can you imagine my surprise when i saw this beautiful bridal upstyle
that takes literally no time at all and the finished result is sooo beautiful and i love how elegantly simple this hair style is! Try it out ;)


How to re-create the look

1. Prepare hair by using a little bit of smoothing serum to tame fly aways and brush well.
2. Separate hair into two sections.
3. Start from the top of both sections and work you way down doing the fishtail method of hair braiding.
( As you go along make sure you pull little sections of hair and loosen the braid slightly ei. picture. )
4. Secure each braid tightly with a clear elastic band.
5. Twist the braids around into a semi circle twist and secure with bobby pins that suit your hair colour.
6. Set with some hair spray
7. Add some flowers or jewelled hair pins if you like.

Don’t you just love it.. teehee ;)

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