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School Formal Makeup, Hair Styling, Spray Tan Or Hair Extensions Need Doing?

Posted June 29th, 2011 by pain with No Comments

Is your school formal just around the corner?
Want to look extra special during your graduation and stand out from the rest of your peers?
Need your make-up , hair styling, spray tan or hair extensions done?

Well ladies,school formal and graduation season is just around the corner!
Many of us including myself always leave everything to the last minute to organise, but we all know how
quickly school formal season can come and go – booking are always limited and makeup artist, hair stylists, spray tan technicians and hair extension specialists are constantly on demand throughout this period.

I bet most of you have or already planned what you are going or wanting to wear and you are dreaming that your special day ‘ because it is ‘ is going to result with all eyes on you.. well after years of doing sydney hairstyling, makeup, spray tans and hair extensions every year for formals across sydney i know what girls expect and want. However sometimes the budget can be quite small and not able to afford a professional makeup artist and hair-stylist with years of experience..

So i have especially put together three awesome school formal makeup and hair packages for all you beautiful girls out there that are wanting their special day that they have worked so hard to achieve to be perfect!

- Makeup
- Hair styling
- False eyelashes

- Makeup
- Hair styling
- False eyelashes
- Spray tan

- Makeup
- Hair styling
- False eyelashes
- Spray tan
- 100% Human clip-in hair extensions
(many colours)

Bookings are obviously limited around formal, graduation season so book in quick :)

Call Tanya Suzanne to secure your booking -


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Posted January 7th, 2011 by pain with No Comments

Hey Ladies,

All you have to do is SAVE and PRINT these vouchers,It’s that simple!!

When you make the booking just let me know which one you have.

Thankyou, See you soon.

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hair styles pictures

hair and beauty sydney

What is the definiton & nature of a sydney makeup artist?

Posted December 7th, 2010 by pain with No Comments

Definition and Nature of the Work

Make up artists are experts at giving people a desired look through the use of make up, wigs, and other tools of the trade. Many make up artists work in a theater or performance environment. Others apply make up for television and film. Some make up artists put lipstick and mascara on department store customers in order to help sell mass-market makeup products. Cosmetic companies also employ make up artists as consultants. Make up artists are often hired for one-time events like fashion shows or weddings.

The job of show business make up artists is to apply makeup to performers according to the specific needs of the person or show. In some cases, they may use make up to make an actor look much older or younger, or even to look like a monster or alien. In other situations, the job involves simply hiding blemishes and making the performer look as beautiful as possible under stage lights. Make up artists who work in this type of setting must be knowledgeable about the effects of stage lighting on a person’s appearance. These artists must also be good at analyzing a script to make sure the characters end up looking the way they are described. All of these decisions must be made in collaboration with directors and costume designers.

Makeup artists are also special effects experts in a sense. They must have the skill to give performers realistic looking scars, make them look sick, or give them other unusual physical characteristics as necessary. Sometimes this involves making rubber or plastic “prostheses,” or pieces that are applied to change the performers’ appearance. To design the right prostheses, a makeup artist must be able to accurately evaluate the place in which the performance will take place, taking into account the size of the venue, lighting, and distance between the audience and the stage.

In the consumer market, a sydney make up artist must understand color and skin tone in order to match each customer with the right makeup. They must also understand what kinds and amounts of makeup are appropriate for different people. For example, makeup that looks good on a nightclub bartender might be totally inappropriate on a business executive—even if the two are identical twins.

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Makeup Artist Job Description, Career as a Makeup Artist, Salary, Employment – Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Are you needing: Formal makeup artist sydney | Sydney spray tan technician | Sydney hair stylist

Posted November 13th, 2010 by pain with No Comments

Hi Dolls,

Formals are just around the corner and for those of you who may not have organised your sydney makeup artist, sydney hair stylist or perhaps a sydney spray tan technician. Im the one for you!! For those of who dont know bodacious provide all these service’s, we can even organise a package for those of you who would like us to make you up from head 2 toe!! But Get in quick because availability is limited. xx

Formal makeup artist sydney


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