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2012 April

My Personal Skin Care Routine

Posted April 18th, 2012 by pain with No Comments


I do get asked quite alot when i am out doing clients make up what beauty or make up products i use on myself, So i thought i would try and atleast address the skin care questions today as best as i can without it getting to long-winded. My personal make up routine and products can be for a later blog :)

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind before reading forward is that i have dry skin and this is what works for me, you may not so these products could do more damage than good to your skin. You should always consult your dermatologist before changing your skin care routine.

Ok.. When it comes to my personal skin care routine let’s just say i am very diligent!!!

1. Cleanse with Remy Laure Organic Vegetable Gentle Cleanser
2. Tone with Remy Laure DNA Tonic Lotion
3. Eyes with Biore Fortifying Eye Cream
4. Moisturise with a mix of Dermalogica Day & Night Skin Smoothing Cream
5. Lips with Blistex Lip Conditioner

{ My foundation already has more than enough SPF protection in it so i don’t add this to my skin care routine unless i am not wearing foundation that day }

1. Remove make up with make up remover pads and Redwin Sorbolene
2. Cleanse with Remy Laure Organic Vegetable Gentle Cleanser
3. Exfoliate with Remy Laure Exfoliating Scrub
4. Tone with Remy Laure DNA Tonic Lotion
5. Eyes with Biore Fortifying Eye Cream
6. Moisturise with Dermalogica Day & Night Skin Smoothing Cream
7. Lips with Blistex Lip Conditioner

1. Twice a week when i choose i follow up after exfoliating in the night time with Remy Laure Revitalising Mask and leave that on for 20min and gently remove with a wash cloth then continue on with the rest of my night time beauty routine.

1. After cleansing i do an at home microdermabrasion with 3tbsp of baking soda and 1tbsp of water mixing them well together and creating a paste like product, applying it to my face in circular motions and letting it sit for about 5-8 minutes and washing of with luke warm water and follow it up with my revitalising face mask. A well known model here in australia once taught me this trick.. It really works and i haven’t looked back since trying it!

So that basically wraps it up ladies, please don’t get me wrong i am not in anyway saying that my skin is perfect but i hardly ever get breakouts and when i do its normally around that time of the month ;) But this routine hasn’t failed me yet and i always get glowing results when sticking to it. I’ll be sure to post a blog soon answering what makeup products i use etc.

Remy Laure Website:

Ciao! x

HOW TO: Elegant Fishtail Braided Bridal, Formal Up-style

Posted April 17th, 2012 by pain with No Comments


Being a Makeup artist and Hair stylist here in Sydney i see alot of women wanting the same hair styles and makeup styles alot! But don’t get me wrong i certainly didn’t have an experimental personality before gaining experience in the beauty industry. Whilst i do love re-creating past bridal and formal looks in my portfolio, i do like venturing out and trying makeup and hair styles that are a little different than what i do normally get to do. One thing im sure alot of you can appreciate is that the beauty, bridal hair and makeup industry along with alot of other professions is ” Time Management ” So can you imagine my surprise when i saw this beautiful bridal upstyle
that takes literally no time at all and the finished result is sooo beautiful and i love how elegantly simple this hair style is! Try it out ;)


How to re-create the look

1. Prepare hair by using a little bit of smoothing serum to tame fly aways and brush well.
2. Separate hair into two sections.
3. Start from the top of both sections and work you way down doing the fishtail method of hair braiding.
( As you go along make sure you pull little sections of hair and loosen the braid slightly ei. picture. )
4. Secure each braid tightly with a clear elastic band.
5. Twist the braids around into a semi circle twist and secure with bobby pins that suit your hair colour.
6. Set with some hair spray
7. Add some flowers or jewelled hair pins if you like.

Don’t you just love it.. teehee ;)

Temporary Fix For Bright Coloured Hair Extensions

Posted April 12th, 2012 by pain with No Comments


I get alot of questions about coloured hair extensions mainly because women are scared to either dye their own hair or spend alot of money just to get a few coloured hair extension strands put in only to have them removed to be able to go back to work again. I always suggest that clip in hair extensions are a great alternative, however alot of women are either reluctant to try these or have problems putting them in their hair themselves which is understandable because they can be quite fiddily and if put in wrong can either damage their own hair or look bad. I recently saw this.. its called ” Hair Chalking ” and thought what a great idea!! This would be perfect for anyone wanting a quick temporary fix to bright coloured hair extensions or just wanting to try something new and perhaps seeing if they like it or not? You could do this everyday if you wanted.. A new colour for each day of the week you say? :)

All you need is water and coloured chalk. Then just dampen the section of hair you want coloured and using the colour of chalk you want rub on the hair strands. You can then dry it of with a blowdryer or straighten and style over it, you may need to redo this a couple of times to get a more vibrant colour if you have darker hair but this is completely safe and can be done on children as well. Removes with just shampoo and water! :)

Kim Kardashian Style Makeup and Beauty Product Organiser

Posted April 12th, 2012 by pain with No Comments


We all know that storing our beloved makeup and beauty products is something that can prove to be difficult because like myself we want something that is stylish and allows us to see exactly what we have and is easy to access when we need our makeup or beauty products. But with the Flip Top Makeup Organiser which in my opinion is the ultimate in makeup and beauty storage organisation. This unit is very similar to the one Kim Kardashian uses as her makeup organiser as seen on the TV Show Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! This will easily store your makeup collection or beauty products beautifully and trust me you will be the envy of all your friends & family!!
Better yet the flip top section is 4cm deep, drawers two, three, four and five are 3.5cm deep and the bottom drawer measures 7cm deep. This Makeup / Beauty Organiser is a huge five drawer unit plus a flip top section making it a six compartment makeup organiser, one of the largest makeup organisers on the Australian market!!

If you would like to have a look for yourself or better yet buy one, click on the following link :)


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